Last Modified: 1 June 2018


The hereunder document outlines Terms that all users of all of our Products & Services, from herein out referred to as the Terms, agree to by use. These terms are subject to change at any time without notice. Failure to abide by these terms may result in termination of services and access to products.

Data Collection

Through our Products & Services, ASN GROUP may collect and store (in compliance with GDPR regulations) customer data. Such data includes - but is not limited to - locations, contacts, Network variables, device environment, and other identifiable pices of data. Certain data will only be collected upon consent of the user - such as Contact uploads. In addition to ASN GROUP Data Collection, data may be collected by third parties that we work with for advertising and affiliate programs. Such companies and services include - but are not limited to, Admob by Google, Facebook Audience Network, Vungle Video Ads, and others. Means of collection and storage may differ between partners. Kindly refer to respective partner terms and policies for their stance and adherence to governing law.

Data Use

The data we collect, outlined in the aforementioned section, is primarily used for Advertising and User Research Purposes. We request permission to use data for advertising so user's can rest assured their data is private and secure. We NEVER sell your data to data brokers or third parties for processing, advertising, or any other business for that matter.

User Behavior

We expect all users to behave in a manner that allows our community, product users, and newcomers to flourish, enjoy their products, and not be harmed. A basic level of courtesy, respect, responsibility, and decent behavior is expected of all ASN Group Product and Service users.

Assets & Resources

ASN GROUP LLC is a New Jersey Based Limited Liability Corporation in the United States. Our logo, name, product imagery, copy, and IP are all legal owned resources of the company. Reproduction, usage, commercialization, and otherwise distribution of such resources is strictly prohibited without prior authentic written consent and permission of ASN GROUP Governing Officers. Offense and failure to follow such rules will result in immediate legal action.

Affiliative Products

ASN GROUP offers products that extend the services offered by other companies. Such companies include but are not limited to Facebook, Google, Apple, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. While these products utilize public APIs and first party access flows, these products and services are not endorsed by or affiliated with said first party. Usage of these products is governed by ASN GROUP. Responsibility of data accessed via these services is the responsibility of accessor and respective platform. ASN GROUP reserves the right to terminate access to these services should you or the First Party have a concern or legal stance of noncompliance. Usage of these extended services are additionally governed by United States Federal Law.


Changes to this policy are subject to change without notice at any point. It is solely the customer's responsibility to read, understand, and abide by the terms. ASN GROUP services fully abide by GDPR regulations.

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